Event Rules

: The rules must be respected or competitor may face disqualification.

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Rule 1 Registration will include signing of race rules and agreement to waive liability.

Rule 2 You can only win or be placed for the event that you registered for i.e If you registered for the 5 Black Steps you cannot win or compete in the 7 Black Steps and visa versa.

Rule 3 Mandatory Kit must be carried or worn at all times.

Rule 4 You are not allowed to be handed food or drink or any equipment from spectators, the race is a self sufficent event.

Rule 5 Timing checkpoints at each step/stage must be visited in the correct order.

Rule 6 Adhere to the rules of the road and cycle on the left at all times.

Rule 7 Do not litter and respect the local environment and its inhabitants.

Rule 8 Kayaks will be provided on the day but experienced kayakers can bring their own kayak, paddle and life vest.